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The Dopamine Sessions

In 2022 the final week of the PROJECT SONG DIARY was remixed and turn into an EP.

TDS Capa Suite For An End.jpg
Rodrigo Mancebo

In 2021 the album Electrified Hope was completely new mixed by Igor Comério (Vitória - Brazil).

The album is now sound clearer and the way Rod. intended since the first recordings.

Electrified Hope (2021).jpg
Rodrigo Mancebo

The CD Electrified hope begins with an energetic Power-Rock Song and morphs into some Fusion influences, where you can hear the art of songwriting from his previous album coming out.

The album was released in May 2017.

This  album is not in catalog anymore.

Rodrigo Mancebo

Inspired by the great Jazz players, his brazilian roots and the influence from rock, Rodrigo Mancebo presents in this album an introspective and reflective music that is at the same lime easy to listen and enjoy. Heavy harmonies are mixed with soft melodies, bass grooves and minimalistic drums.

With Thore Benz at the bass and Uta Wagner at the drums, the album was recorded live in only one day at the Frankfurt Musik-Büro Studios in

 7th September 2014 and released at the end of the same year.

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